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Here at LuckyBird, we have a three-step process for all of our new wholesale customers. We promise it’s worth the trouble, because we offer exclusive looks into our new collections, a community of wholesalers that are just like you to answer questions and provide insight into the industry, and our amazing customer service via our awesome reps and our in house customer support representatives.
OH! Did we mention the amazing wholesale prices on our apparel and other items? If anything, that’s definitely worth joining our group!
Here’s the three-step process!

1. Verify / Register Your ZIP Code

We protect selling territories by zip code. We promise you, that’s a good thing! If you have your store’s ZIP Code secured and you place regular orders with us, no one else in that ZIP Code can sell LuckyBird Clothing Co’s products. It protects your business and ours!
To check your ZIP Code, please click the button below to fill out an application and register. Please allow us up to three business days to get back to you.

2. Join our Wholesale Facebook Group

Your application is approved, and your ZIP Code is secured. That’s great!
(If your zip code application was not approved, no worries. We’ll add you to a waiting list and let you know when the ZIP Code is free.)

We’re very active in this group and offer many limited weekly deals, social post ideas/mockups, new products and new design/shirt collection reveals. We also ask your input on new products— we love to hear from you and create our products to fit YOUR needs. You’ll also be surrounded by a community of other business owners who think, grow, run their business like you. We often start discussions in the group that could benefit your business.

Also, by this time, you’ll have been assigned a Rep/Sales Support and they will have already reached out to you and introduced themselves. We care very much about personal service and trust that your rep will take good care of your business’s needs. They’re the first line for placing orders or walking you through our products and website orders. Please feel free to reach out to them anytime!

3. Place an Order Every Month

After your application is approved, you will need to place your first order before the end of the month to secure your ZIP Code.

In order to keep your ZIP Code secured, we ask that you place our minimum reorder ($150) by the end of each month. Don’t worry! Your Customer Service Rep will help you remember, as well as, a reminder posted in the Facebook Group.

And that’s it! Now you’re a LuckyBird Wholesaler!

Now you have total access to our wholesale website and can login and place your orders anytime — all while securing your ZIP Code. You’ll also be added to our newsletters specifically for you where we will send notifications and alerts of any new collections or changes in our company.

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About our LuckyBird Sales Support

• They’re your first line of contact for website troubleshooting or ordering
• They can assist you in orders and reorders of our awesome products
• They will keep you up-to-date on our new products and offers
• They’ll remind you when to place an order to keep your zip code protected
• They’re the overall voice for LuckyBird for your store

Let us know if you have any questions about our Sales Support Reps!